Please enter the number of specimens you want to buy and click on the "add to cart" button. After making your final selection, click on the "shopping cart summary" button.



Please fill in the order form, the e-mail address, recipient’s name, confirmation e-mail address, shipping address and telephone number.

Once complete, please press the "Save" button.

And than please click the confirmation button at Terms of service, if you can agree with our Terms Conditions.


3. Please choice the payment methods :
A. PayPal
Payment by PayPal is very easy.
You can make payment via PayPal using your credit card without having to register as a member or create an account.
We will charge an additional 3% from the total invoice for PayPal surcharge fee.
We will send the invoice after prepare your order and than send request payment by PayPal.
B. Bank Transfer
We will add US$ 25 for banking charge fee.
We will inform my Bank account when we send the Invoice by e-mail.
C. Western Union



We will inform my ID when we send the Invoice by e-mail and after make the payment, please inform us the Sender's full name and MTCN number. 


 4.  Then the last don't forget to click on the "I confirm my order" button to ensure your order on our website.

     And you will receive an Order confirmation in your e-mail address.


After receiving your online purchase order, we will prepare your order and than send the invoice in accordance with the state of our product inventory via e-mail.

We will store your order within 7 days, but if until the due date the payment,  and you don't make the payment, the order will automatically be canceled.

I hope you understand with this policy and thank you for your understanding.

Once we receive your payment, we will immediately process your order and do the shipping as soon.
Normally the package by EMS will arrive at their destination within 5-14 days.

And by Registered Post (regular post) will arrive about 4-6 weeks.

Note : All the delays and problems caused by the postal service, customs inspection is beyond our responsibility.


Shipping by EMS Speedpost :

Maximum box size : length + width + hight = 85cm.

If more than 85cm, the weight must be calculated by volumetric.

All items are guaranteed good quality, except for damage due to postal shock.
Every effort will be taken to avoid postal shock by expert packaging.

Enjoy our website and please visit again...…

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