We only sell dead and dried specimens with best quality product.

All the products we sell are A1 quality, unless there are other quality information.

Quality code :

A1 :  perfect
A1/A- :  approaching perfect
A- :  slightly damaged
A2 :  damaged


Note : Quality check of Rhopalocera, Heterocera and Odonata does not include their legs.

Abbreviation :

M :  Male
F :  Female
P :  Pair 

All species are equipped with identification data, dated, located, and presented unprepared.

All prices are in U.S.DOLLARS.
Minimum order is US$ 100.

We accept PayPal, Western Union and Bank Transfer from worldwide customers.

Discount :

- 5% on each order over US$ 500
- 10% on each order over US$ 1,000
- 15% on each order over US$ 2,000

Shipping cost :

Shipping cost is paid by the buyer.

The cost of shipping (EMS Speedpost) :


 Zone within 500 gr within 1 kg within 1.5 kg within 2 kg within 2.5 kg  within 3 kg
Asia US $20 US $25 US $30 US $35 US $40 US $45
Australia US $20 US $30 US $40 US $50 US $60 US $70
America US $20 US $30 US $40 US $50 US $60 US $70
Europe US $30 US $35 US $50 US $55 US $65 US $75



Normaly the package will be arrive at their destination within 5-14 days. 

For countries that can't send by EMS Speedpost, we will send by Registered Post (regular post).

If send by Registered Post need more times than send by EMS Speedpost, about 4-8 weeks.


Note : All the delays and problems caused by the postal service, customs inspection is beyond our responsibility.


Shipping by EMS Speedpost :

Maximum box size : length + width + height = 85cm.

If more than 85cm, the weight must be calculated by volumetric.

All items are guaranteed good quality, except for damage due to postal shock.
Every effort will be taken to avoid postal shock by expert packaging.


Product photos that we present can not be 100% identical with the goods, for the color may vary slightly due to photography lighting, while the size of the photo also does not show the size of insects.

We can not accept orders items that are not in stock or sold out, because we do not know when the item will be available again. So we will not reply to e-mail asking for it. I'm sorry and we appreciate for your understanding.

Thank you for visiting our website,


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