All birdwing butterflies in the list is included in Appendix II of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), so that in each Order Form will be required for submission of data that will permit the export certificate issued by the Management Authority of the State of export or re-export.

Please fill in the order form, recipient's name, address, phone number and nearest international airport to apply export certificate.

We will arrange the export certificate after we get five buyers, and we will tell your order number when we send the invoice by e-mail.
And if we don't get five buyers within 2 months, we will still process your order.

We need 3-4 weeks to do the process to obtain export certificates.
So please be patient for waiting your order.

After receiving your payment, we will save your order.

And after the export certificate is completed, we will immediately send your order.


Additional charge for an approval certificate application fee for every Order-Form is US$100 on each order.

Discount :
- 5% on each order over US$ 1,000
- 10% on each order over US$ 2,000


Note : Not accepting Birdwing order from EU, except Russian Federation.



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last update : Feb 19, 2018
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